July 26, 2021 Jesse Stein Jesse has founded, operated and sold multiple Internet-related ventures over the last 20 years. As the founder of Audience.co, he is passionate about combining digital excellence with direct handwritten mail to build lasting customer relationships.

Business Thank You Cards: What Should You Be Sending and Why?

Sending out a thank you card from your business is a simple but effective way to show your appreciation for the people who helped make your business successful. Whether it was a coworker, vendor, or customer that played an integral role in growing your business, sending them a handwritten card will help ensure they know how much you value their contribution. It’s something small and simple you can do on behalf of the entire company. This article discusses why it’s important to send these cards and how to go about doing so with minimal hassle! 

In today’s age of technology, handwritten thank you cards are not as common as they once were. That being said, there is still something special about receiving one from someone that took the time to write down words of appreciation and custom text instead of typing a note and printing it off.

On top of that, thanks to some amazing technological advances, you actually don’t have to write anything to get your very own custom business thank you cards at a price you’ll never believe! There are even card templates and card designs to help you express yourself in the best possible manner.

But first, WHY would you want to start sending business thank you cards? Why would you go through the trouble of getting a professionally designed, custom, handwritten card?

Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty With Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards can help build customer loyalty and make them feel valued. It’s “one of the easiest ways to build a closer relationship with buyers,” according to Shopify.

wood table with words customer loyalty on top

Helping customers feel valued may be the key for companies looking to build loyalty. Sending thank you cards is one way of showing appreciation and many will go out of their way with a little gratitude to reciprocate.

Thanking customers can help them develop feelings of loyalty, which in turn boosts business revenue by making customers want more from your company when they are happy. 

Thank you cards show that you care about every aspect on an individual level and not just numbers or transactions as some might believe. This creates a positive feeling, leading up to future purchases and boosting chances at repeat clients like never before!

Take a Few Minutes to Write a Thank You Card 

The underlying principle of this is customer retention. If you keep customers happy, they will not only refer you to others, but they will also continue to patronize your business when they need future purchases.

A loyal customer base saves you money by reducing the number of new customers needed to bring in cash-flowing business and trade relationships. 

For example, a grocery store benefits more from a returning loyal customer than it does by attracting an occasional, one-time customer on special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Include Your Company’s Logo 

There are two important reasons for any business to include its logo on a thank you card:

First, it’s easier for people to remember the company because they put the greeting card down and see their own name as well as the name of your company. This helps them recall who they got it from when they open it up again. In other words, their gift smells more like you!

The second is branding continuity. Branding continuity comes into play when your customers start incorporating not just your goods or services but also how those goods and services make them feel about themselves into their lives. Every time someone remembers that great emotional experience and connects it back to you, that brand association strengthens. 

Send Cards to Customers Who Have Purchased 

Sending business thank you cards is one of the best ways to create a customer for life. For small businesses or those just starting out, this could mean the difference between success and failure.

Simply put, helping people can dramatically increase sales. Companies that pay attention to customer service and show their regard often have repeat customers who are extremely loyal.

More than anything else, great customer service will make your customers feel like you care about them as individuals rather than just seeing them as a sale opportunity.

A note from the CEO of Zappos thanking me for my purchase would leave such an impression that I’d buy myself another pair of shoes even if they weren’t in fashion! Don’t be afraid to say thanks.


Send Thank You Cards With Every Purchase

You should send business thank you cards after every purchase, no matter how small the order is. It will leave a positive impression on those who help make your life better.

man holding pen over Purchase Order document

It’s always good to show gratitude for whatever we receive in our lives and it doesn’t take much extra effort to write one quick note of thanks!

Thank You Cards Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated 

It’s ultimately the reason that your customers continue to come back, buy more, and refer you to their friends.

Your business is dependent on those customers for success. This is why it’s so important to make your clients feel acknowledged. 

The best customers are those who feel like they’re heard and valued by the company. If they don’t feel this way at any point in their time as a customer then they will most likely go elsewhere for their purchasing needs. 

A Small Gesture Can Go a Long Way

It’s a small gesture that leaves a big impression because it’s the simple act of acknowledging and saying thank you to someone who has made an effort to make your life easier or enriched your day in some way.

The power of thank you notes is intangible. When we take time out of our busy lives and put penmanship on paper with heartfelt thoughtfulness for someone, there’s no better feeling than knowing one person saw what was important enough to send in that note. 

One of the Best Ways to Build Customer Loyalty 

A thank you card not only demonstrates your appreciation, but also strengthens relationships with clients and potential customers, something American Express has been writing about for nearly a decade. It reinforces a sense of gratefulness and that they are valued in your organization. 

While it may seem small at first to everyone involved, the accumulated effects of seemingly small interactions can be important for an organization’s success in the long term.

Numerous studies have confirmed that relationships matter more than social media sites or technology for future customer loyalty and advocacy. When you send someone a thank you card, they feel like someone appreciates them enough to take time to write them a note–and their response is typically reciprocated by sending their own thank you note back to your business!

You’ll be Surprised by How Many People Appreciate This

Consider this: most humans crave human contact – not just physical contact but connection on an emotional level as well. When it comes to social media connections, we usually don’t feel like we’re getting enough because of the lack of personal nature. This means that customers want something more. That something more are handwritten thank you notes.

Business Partners

Appreciate Your Business Partners With Thank You Cards

Business thank you cards are a great way to show recognition for business partners. 

two men in suits shaking hands

Sending these little tokens can be the best way to cement relationships with those who have helped us out and make them feel truly appreciated as well!

Thank-you cards might seem like outdated etiquette, but they’re surprisingly still relevant in modern times. They’re one of the most personal forms of communication between two people that exist today, other than face-to-face contact. What’s more thoughtful than showing someone else how much we care about them?

Make Sure to Acknowledge Their Contributions 

Giving a thank you card is a way to express kindness. The gesture lets the person know that they are appreciated and welcomed either for something they did or just as a part of your life.

A thank you card could make someone’s day by touching on how much the person means to them, what they do for them, or why they appreciate them. When people feel appreciated, their self-esteem rises which increase motivation and hope for themselves, while also increasing empathy with others.

In other words, when people feel loved from within themselves, it will radiate out to others with positive social consequences all around them.

Include a Personal Message or Anecdote

Success in life is not just about moving ahead, but also about how we treat small moments. A personal note of thanks is an unexpected yet thoughtful form of kindness that communicates your appreciation for others’ efforts.

Through a handwritten note full of heartfelt words, you can pay tribute to the care someone has taken in helping you move forward on your path through life. Simply sitting down to set those thoughts onto paper will bring delight to all involved– which is worth far more than it costs!

Be Genuine and Sincere in Your Thank You Card

Being genuine and sincere in a thank you card helps keep up the human touch in our crazy, busy world. It lets the person who gave you something know how much they mean to you and it raises your happiness because being genuine is fulfilling.

Be thankful for what someone has done for you by thanking them anonymously with a positive comment, every now and then. You’ll be happier and have happier people around you. Who doesn’t want that?

Customer Satisfaction

Boost Customer Satisfaction With Thank You Cards

Sending business thank you cards is an easy and cost-effective way to boost customer satisfaction. It is a perfect way to show that your company cares and goes the extra mile. Not to mention it will boost lifetime value exponentially, according to ShopLo.

man pointing to smiley face

It’s been proven time and again that small gestures, like sending out personalized thanks with handwritten cards is a great way to boost customer satisfaction. Imagine opening up an envelope filled with thoughts about how much their business means to us!

Make Sure the Card is on Quality Paper

Good quality materials help set the tone. Think of how it feels to get a heavy, high-end card with an elegant design, whether it’s for your birthday, Christmas, wedding, or just because. 

Custom business cards should be meaningful–both for the sender and receiver. Accordingly, quality should be maintained in terms of design in order to produce a complete package that can be treasured by the receiver.

Include a Personal Message in the Card 

A thank you note is a simple gesture to demonstrate your admiration by acknowledging the effort someone has taken on your behalf.

When writing a thank you card, it’s important to include something thoughtful about the person who will receive it and what they’ve done for you. For example: “I noticed that you were always willing to help me in tough times,” or “I appreciate all of your advice about how to succeed.” The more specific, personal, and authentic these acknowledgments are, the better off we are. Those cards send our short but meaningful messages through time.

Include a Discount Code or Coupon

Giving a discount code or coupon in the card is not typically done for business purposes. It’s done out of kindness. It shows that you’ve heard all their kind words and appreciate them enough to say “thank you” with something tangible.

Be Prompt

Always Send Thank You Cards Promptly

Cards should be sent within two weeks of the service being rendered or the product delivered.

man in button up shirt pointing to watch

Thank you cards are a great way to show appreciation for the service or product that someone has provided. It’s important, however, not to wait too long before sending your thank-you card! Your friend will appreciate it more if they get their message right away instead of weeks later when time may have dulled some memories.

The importance of thanking people in person is something we all know about but often don’t follow through on – and why should we? Thanking friends over social media is so much easier than actually picking up the phone and talking with them straight out or writing a handwritten card! But there are many advantages to doing just this: what better feeling could there be than being thanked by one’s own handwritten words from across an ocean?

Include Your Thoughts on the Gift or Service

Whether you use a professional card or not, including your personal thoughts is always appreciated. “I was so happy to hear from you! Here’s what I’ve been up to.”

It will tell the person that made an impression on you how much you care about them, which is always worth hearing from someone. Or let them know if there’s anything at all that might help brighten their day to tell you! You never know what your involvement could do for someone else. We all go through tough times at some point.

Be Specific About How Much You Appreciate Them

Thank you notes should be specific for two reasons:

1) It’s a nice personal touch, and is well-received by the recipient.

2) If the thank you note is not totally generic, it has more chance of accurately conveying your intention or feelings to the person who read it.

Simply thanking someone in a generic way doesn’t say anything about what exactly you’re grateful for or why you’re feeling thankful at all. For these reasons, if given the choice, always send an enlightening, personalized card, instead of sending a boring card that may have missed its mark completely!

Include Your Contact Information and the Date of the Event

In order for the recipient to reply and express his or her gratitude, you need to include contact information. This includes a phone number, valid email address, and a link to your website.

Showing that you are keen on continuing the relationship builds a bridge to keep communication channels open. There is also an etiquette involved in exchanging contact information by giving someone your business card.

Besides reaffirming words with one’s actions, there is something so very rewarding about receiving any thank you correspondence, knowing that your gesture was meaningful enough for them to take a few minutes of their time just getting you back on their radar.

Write a Few Sentences About How Much Fun It Was 

You should write about how much fun you had in a thank you card because being able to express gratitude is an important life skill.

By writing about how much fun you had with the person or people who did something nice for you, you are practicing two types of gratitude.

First, in addition to expressing your thanks for what was done for you, you get a chance to recount the experience — and that itself produces mood elevation.

Second (and most importantly) if someone has helped us out when it matters, we make ourselves vulnerable to them.

By showing genuine regard with custom business cards, they know that their help matters and, in turn, helps motivate them more than if we just said thank you initially without expression.

Make Sure that Your Handwriting is Legible

In the age of globalization, people can get cards (and other gifts) printed anywhere. However, a handwritten card has a personal nature that you just won’t find from your printer.

There’s nothing wrong with selecting off-the-shelf options for their convenience and efficiency. Just don’t forget the extra effort! Handwritten messages are always appreciated by friends, loved ones, colleagues, and customers but only if they’re heartfelt enough to stand out among the barrage of impersonal greetings that we receive.

Style & Design

Match the Thank You Card Style to Your Business

The card should match the style of your company. The design of your cards should match the company’s style and personality in order to effectively convey respect and regard for their patronage. If they are formal or conservative then use more traditional designs and vice versa.

man surrounding by designing tools like color swatches

A Thank You Card Should Match the Tone of Your Company 

A company’s tone of voice is a reflection of its character. Different types of companies might choose to behave in different ways for a variety of reasons, but it is always important to be sincere and genuine with customers and prospects.

Customers know when someone isn’t being sincere or they’re trying too hard to provide an image that doesn’t match the personality their company has on their social media accounts, blog posts, etc. 

Consequently, if you want your customers to believe your brand is real and “gets” them as a person, be yourself and don’t try too hard by mimicking what you think they’ll like. It won’t work.

Your Company is Formal and Professional

The tone of a company will define its culture, values, and customer service. Consistently sending business correspondence with the same tone is important in sustaining this clear message to those who view it. 

It reflects what your company stands for while respecting everyone on the receiving end. Tone also communicates professionalism and establishes trust between customers. This leads to more business which is certainly worth striving for! 

Your Company Has a More Casual Vibe

As a matter of fact, using a laid-back tone if your company is more casual will allow your thank you card to connect better with the receiver. One of the good things about business letters is that there are no strict rules. So, people will never really find out if you break them. As long as your tone feels appropriate for your company and what you’re discussing, there shouldn’t be any problems with your handwritten letter in terms of appropriateness.


Add Something Extra With Your Thank You Card

If someone has gone above and beyond, consider sending them something extra such as a gift card, candle, or wine.

man handing a woman a gift card

Sending a small gift in addition to a business card can help make your meeting with the recipient more memorable.

A candle, wine, or another type of token is always appreciated and will provide an added touch that might not have been expected from one business acquaintance to another. Just remember to:

  • Get creative and use your imagination to come up with something unique that fits the occasion. 
  • Write an original and thoughtful note to accompany the gift. 
  • Be sure to include your contact information on the inside of the card.

Thank you cards are a simple but effective way to show your appreciation for the people who helped make your business successful.


Thank You Card Design Templates

Let’s take a quick look at a few card design templates you can use to create your very own thank you cards in minutes:

General Template

Dear Jane,

Thank you ever so much for business today at the Cherry Garden Farm! We really appreciate your business and hope to continue providing you with the best quality produce & flowers in the tri-state area.

If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact us at 555-555-5555 or reach us on Instagram and Facebook @CherryGardenFarm.

Have a great day,

Company Signature

Donation Template

Dear Jane,

Please accept our sincere thank you for your generous $1,000 dollar donation to our organization. Your gift will be put to use in supporting a number of children’s programs and projects. The funds will be used to help with academic tutoring, summer enrichment, leadership development, and mentoring services for at-risk youth. We sincerely appreciate your support.


Company Signature

Business Colleague Template

Dear Jane,

Thank you a lot for being such an amazing consultant and helping grow my company. I have never doubted your work ethic and commitment to our success. As they say, home grown is best. You really are the expert when it comes to generating leads which helped us reach new heights at my company. I appreciate all that you have done for me during this time and I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

Thank you once more!

Company Signature

Employee Appreciation Template

Hi Jane,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I know it can be difficult coming in for overtime on weekends when you have other plans but thanks to your willingness to help out, we managed to get the project finished early. I appreciate your commitment and am looking forward to working with you on the next project.

All the best,

Company Signature

Using a thank you card template is about consistency and professionalism. A template for a thank you letter will ensure that the person on the receiver’s end receives a professional, polished message.

Whether it was a coworker, vendor, or customer that played an integral role in growing your company’s success (and they may not know how much their contribution means to you), sending them an old-fashioned handwritten card will help ensure they know how much you care and what they mean to the entire team. It’s something small anyone can do on behalf of everyone else at work!