Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Audience?
A: We help you grow your business with handwritten postcards and notes, sent effortlessly and at scale. Use our platform to break through to prospects, drive conversions, increase retention and deliver a personal, one-on-one experience to each recipient.
Q: How Can I Use Audience to Grow My Business?
A: Our clients use us to book more meetings, accelerate sales pipeline and boost retention. Unlike other media, handwritten mail forms a bond with each recipient and commands a staggering 90% read rate and 5 times the response of normal direct mail.
Q: How Easy Is It to Use?
A: It’s as easy as sending a text. Upload and select contacts, easily sending to one or thousands of recipients. Customize each message or select from winning letter templates for any situation. Set up trigger-based campaigns or add merge tags such as name and company.
Q: How Do You Write Your Postcards and Notes?
A: We developed handwriting robots that hold real pens and write just like human beings.
Q: Does the Handwriting Look Real?
A: Yes, each of our eleven handwriting styles are indistinguishable from those created by a person. Our machines exactly mimic the nuances of the human hand, even adding subtle blemishes and slight variations to each character.
Q: Why Do You Use Robots?
A: Unlike humans, our machines create notes at scale and with consistent penmanship. Also, our robots work with our software to allow you to measure ROI, keep track of the notes you’ve sent, configure trigger-based campaigns and automatically personalize each note using merge tags.
Q: How Much Does It Cost?
A: See our pricing page for details.
Q: Can I Add a Business Card or Other Insert?
A: Yes, you get unlimited warehouse storage for business cards and other inserts, which we can add to any of your notes, free of charge.
Q: How Quickly Do You Write My Notes?
A: We create, stamp, seal and send virtually any-sized order – from one to thousands – within one business day.
Q: Can I Add a Gift Card?
A: Yes, for the face value of each card and no extra fees, easily add to any note a gift card from 100+ merchants.
Q: How Do I Track ROI?
A: With our platform, you can track ROI by measuring lift in conversions and retention from audience segments that received notes versus your control group. We can also easily insert unique promo codes and tracking URLs into each note or postcard.
Q: Do You Have Letter Templates?
A: Yes, you can create your own message or easily select from our winning letter templates for any situation.
Q: Can You Print My Logo and Address on the Postcards & Notes?
A: Yes, before our robots handwrite your message, we print the postcards and notes on thick- stock paper with your logo, address or image file of your choice.
Q: How Do I Get Started?