What if we could help people write again?

What if we could help people write again?​

There are millions of people who have difficulty with or cannot communicate through writing because of a medical or other condition.

One common cause is agraphia, which is an acquired neurological disorder that has a range of causes, including strokes, lesions, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

Audience is in a unique position to change the lives of people who cannot communicate through writing. After all, one of the pillars of our company is a platform that creates beautiful handwritten notes, at scale.

Our giving-back initiative involves a few steps. First, if possible, we collect a handwriting sample. We do this by unearthing handwritten material that the person created before they lost the ability to write. Using these documents, we painstakingly build a custom font of the person’s exact penmanship- their precise hand, before they developed agraphia.

If the person does not have a handwriting sample or simply never had the ability to write, we offer several beautiful fonts from which to choose.

Either way, we provide an interface for the person to verbally dictate notes. We then activate our note-writing platform, which uses technology and humans to create beautiful handwritten communication. We then add postage and send the note and envelope to the recipient.

The result: the person can create thank you and other handwritten notes to show people they care, add a personal touch and get through to people in the way only a written note can.

And we do this all free of charge.

To supplement this initiative, we also donate money to the following organizations, which help people who have conditions associated with loss of the ability to write.