Editorial Guidelines

We prioritize earning the trust of our readers, and we go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of what we share.

Regarding editorial review, we take the utmost care to ensure all content published on Audience.co is accurate, precise, timely, and reliable. We have a team of experienced editors who review every piece of content before it goes live. The review process involves fact-checking, ensuring clarity and brevity, and checking for potential errors.

We also ensure the content is consistent with the Audience.co voice and editorial standards. Once the content has passed through our review process, it is ready to be published on our website or wherever else we choose to share it.

We are committed to delivering accurate information to our readers. If any corrections are needed after a piece has been published, we quickly fix them and notify our readers of the changes made. We also have a system for addressing complaints and readers’ feedback on published content.

We take reader feedback seriously and strive to improve the quality of our work with each piece we publish.

Content We Provide

We provide our readers with informed content, including:

  • Educational Articles: Written to help readers learn something new and better understand the company, its products, and its services.
  • News Articles: Keeping readers up-to-date on breaking news within the industry to stay competitive.
  • Social Media Posts: Creating captivating content to boost brand awareness and customer engagement on social media platforms.
  • Blog Posts: Sharing valuable insights about topics related to the company’s business which will draw in more website visitors and potential customers.
  • Tutorials & How-To Guides: Detailed instructions on specific tasks or processes that can help customers better utilize the product or service being offered by the marketing company.
  • Video Content: Engaging visuals to create a multimedia experience for viewers and help them understand the message more effectively than if they read the text alone.
  • eBooks & Whitepapers: Citing research results, insights, and best practices that readers can use to make informed decisions regarding their purchase choices.
  • Infographics & Visualizations: Bringing data to life by using graphics as an interactive medium for delivering information quickly and concisely without overwhelming readers with facts and figures is great for social media shares due to their attention-grabbing appeal!
  • Reviews & Testimonials: Showcasing real experiences from existing customers as evidence of satisfaction with products/services/experience provided by the marketing company; this can give potential customers peace of mind before making a purchase decision too!
  • Brand Storytelling: Telling meaningful stories that humanize a brand and make it easier for people to relate and connect with it emotionally; this is important for building relationships between consumers and businesses alike!

Editorial Guidelines

Creating effective content is essential for a successful business. It is important to ensure all company materials have an engaging and effective message and align with the company’s core values and mission. To achieve this goal, developing and implementing editorial guidelines for the marketing team is essential.

  • All content created must adhere to the company’s core mission and values.
  • All content must be original, accurate, and timely.
  • Content must not contain any false, misleading or inappropriate information.
  • Written material should be free of spelling and grammar errors and typos.
  • Content must use language appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Content must have a purpose and a clear call to action for readers.
  • All content must follow applicable laws and regulations regarding copyright infringement and intellectual property rights.
  • Content must be properly attributed to its sources when applicable.
  • Links used within content must point to valid websites with strong domain authority.
  • Author bios must be included with all published material.

Content Review Checklist

Once content production is complete, each piece goes through a 9-question review checklist. The questions include:

  • Is the content provided clear, concise, and easy to read?
  • Are the facts and information accurate?
  • Are spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct?
  • Are any slang words or jargon used appropriately?
  • Does the content flow logically from one point to another?
  • Have all necessary topics been included in the review?
  • Is the tone appropriate for your audience?
  • Does the content include visual elements (such as images or videos)?
  • Is it well organized with headings, lists, and bullet points?

Our readers trust us with valuable information, and we go to great lengths to ensure their needs are met. We have a team of experienced editors who review all content before publication, verifying accuracy, clarity, and brevity.

Every piece of content is subject to seven stages of editorial review: planning, drafting, editing, proofreading, feedback, publication, and evaluation. Through this rigorous process, we can deliver precise and reliable information that gives our readers the confidence they need to make educated decisions. We take pride in maintaining the trust of our readers by providing high-quality content that meets their needs every time.