Grow Your
with Handwritten Notes

Grow Your
with Handwritten Notes


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We love We’re using it and we’re killing it!

We love We’re using it and we’re killing it!

Chris Heller
Top Agent & Former CEO
Keller Williams
Chris Heller
Top Agent & Former CEO, Keller Williams
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Trusted by Top Agents & Teams

Trusted by Top
Agents & Teams

Book a Quick Demo and Catapult Your Business

Book a Quick Demo and Catapult Your Business

This is not a high-pressure sales call. 

We’ll cover 3 simple steps…

1. Demo Our Notes Platform – Learn how to turn cold leads into signed deals.
2. Ask a Few Questions – Learn about your business & your goals.
3. Craft a Customized Plan – Tailor a plan to show you exactly how to get significantly more sales.

And here’s the thing: if we can’t help you, we’ll let you know…

Drive new listings and do “auto-pilot farming”.

Drive new listings and do “auto-pilot farming”.

There’s a reason why hundreds of top national agents count us as their secret weapon for new listings and “auto-pilot farming”.  

With a 90% read rate and 6 times the response of normal direct mail, our notes generate new listings, even in the tightest markets.

Also, build deeper, stronger and more trusted relationships with each homeowner in your farm. After all, when all you get is spam email and junk direct mail, it’s nice to receive a thoughtful handwritten note, created just for you.

Our platform combines robotic handwritten notes with precision-targeted lead generation and digital-marketing follow up.

Our homeowner database has 200+ filters, so we mail your notes only to the most likely to sell properties.

We even find all the emails and LinkedIn profiles of each homeowner so you can run digital ad campaigns directly to your farm! Easily follow up each note with a powerful “digital-marketing handshake” by sending personalized emails and LinkedIn connection requests.

Our turn-key solution includes lead generation, text templates, front-of-note graphics, an app for sending one-off notes to your sphere, QR labels with real-time tracking and a dedicated account manager.

Meet Our Handwriting Robots

Audience Handwritten Notes Robot

Our machines hold real pens and write with precise pressure, slant and flow.

They mimic the nuances of the human hand, rendering your personalized message in a font style you choose that fits your brand and personality. 

We write your message on a thick-stock note card, which we print on demand with your logo and artwork. Or simply upload or drag-and-drop images or photos of your choice.

Our robots even add slight variations to each character. They also leave subtle blemishes and the telltale imprint of a pen pressed down on paper.

We print, write, stamp, seal and send via first-class mail all in one business day.

Make Sales Success Inevitable

Make Sales Success Inevitable

Accelerate Pipeline Graphic

Built to Help You Grow

Built to Help You Grow

Audience Handwritten Notes Sample

There are many ways to use us to grow your business:

  • Break through to cold prospects.
  • Follow up after meetings.
  • Motivate prospects to sign contracts.
  • Welcome new customers.
  • Reward high-value customers.
  • Reactivate dormant customers.
  • Celebrate milestones.
  • Give thanks for referrals.
  • Warm up leads before trade shows.
  • Follow up after trade shows.
  • Say thanks for a donation.
  • Appreciate channel & other partners.
  • Commend, console & thank employees.
  • Ease the aftermath of a tough meeting.
  • Drive upsells and cross-sells.
  • Share promo codes.
  • Recover abandoned carts.
  • Invite to events and webinars.
  • Trigger drip sequences from sales reps.
  • Include a gift card with any note.
  • Send holiday greetings.
Audience Handwritten Notes Sample

As Easy as Sending a Text

As Easy as Sending
a Text​

We’ve made handwritten marketing easy.

In the time it takes to send a text, use our web application to trigger a note on your custom stationary.

Show an extra level of thoughtfulness by including a gift card from Starbucks, Amazon and other merchants. Also, get unlimited warehouse storage for business cards and other inserts, which we can add to any of your notes.

If you’re sending to multiple recipients, email or upload a spreadsheet. Or import your audience with our seamless integrations.

You can use our web application or work with your Customer Success Rep to configure trigger-based campaigns in just minutes.

Easily customize your content based on who you’re talking to. Send a totally personalized note or add custom variables such as name, company and product. Just like email, no one wants to receive a note that isn’t relevant to them.

Create your own message or easily select from hundreds of winning letter templates for any situation.

Whether you’re sending to one or thousands, we make it easy.

Track Performance

Track Performance

With our system, you can track ROI by measuring lift in lifetime value and conversions from audience segments that received notes versus your control group.

Or we can insert unique promo codes and tracking URLs. Quickly tweak your notes and postcards for different audiences.

Then after you have it perfect and it works, put it on auto-pilot.

Audience Handwritten Postcard Example

Grow Faster and Leave a Long-Lasting Impression

We help you grow your business and leave a long-lasting impression in a way that’s surprisingly easy and cost-effective.

Use our platform to break through to prospects, drive conversions, increase retention and deliver a rare, one-on-one experience.

Most of all, add a personal touch to your sales process to close the distance between you and the people who matter.