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In a digital age where so much communication is done through typed text and emails, handwritten letters and cards are a rarity. But there’s something special about receiving a handwritten message- it feels more personal, intimate, and sincere. And that’s why handwritten marketing can be so powerful. It stands out in a world of impersonal electronic messages, and it can help you connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Here are the 4 W’s of handwritten marketing to give you an idea of what you’re getting into!

What is Handwritten Marketing?

JICMAIL says, “A third of mail pieces led to some kind of commercial action, and a third of them were shared with other people.”

Handwritten marketing has been around for thousands of years. Somewhere, someone realized that all it took was telling people about something to convince them to come to see what it’s all about.

Colors and drawings enhanced the written word over the years, and the marketing displays attracted even more people. This process grew, changed, and spread over many decades until the digital era took the world by storm.

Suddenly you didn’t need to write anything because there was a computer to take care of it. The introduction of digital marketing put a stopper in handwritten marketing but didn’t kill it altogether.

As we all know, trends run in cycles, and since more and more people are now complaining about technology overload, drowning in emails and feeling numb to electronic messaging, handwritten direct mail service is not only rearing its head, it’s blowing away it’s digital counterparts.

We’ll discuss some benefits of handwritten marketing in a bit, but suffice it to say it gets opened, read, and displayed exponentially more than digital options.

Who Uses Handwritten Marketing?

Based on a piece by Compere Media, “Over 60% of marketers say direct mail has the highest ROI.”

Aldus Pius Manutius was a Venetian printer, scholar, and humanist who is credited with the invention of the modern printed book. But he also used handwritten marketing to help his business– and it worked!

Manutius handwritten marketing displays were beautiful, colorful, and persuasive. He would write about new books that were coming out, and then he would personally deliver them to the bookstores. This handwritten marketing strategy was so successful that it helped him become one of the most famous printers of his time. He’s also responsible for publishing the first catalog in 1498 through his company “The Aldine Press.”

Some of the more popular handwritten marketing tactics over the years have been:

  • Catalogs
  • Mail order
  • Letters & handwritten envelopes
  • Postcards

Right now, most businesses are sticking with the digital marketing tactics of the 2010s. The market is wide open for businesses to put pen to paper and get up close and personal with leads, prospects, clients, customers, patients, everyone. There’s no business out there that won’t benefit from handwritten marketing.

When Should You Start Handwritten Marketing?

Canada Post shares, “Researchers found direct mail held participants’ attention for 118% longer and stimulated 29% higher brand recall than digital advertising.”

Yesterday! Far too many businesses are hesitant to try something new, like a handwritten mail marketing campaign, but it’s not a new tool – there are just new tools today to do it with. For instance, AI robots holding real pens can write thousands of handwritten notes daily. No human can compete with that.

More than that, you’re likely wondering who you will send your handwritten marketing to. Businesses like, work with clients to generate leads by the hundreds. These are authentic targeted leads, so you don’t have to do the work.

Let’s check out a few statistics about handwritten marketing so you can see just how effective it is in today’s climate of electronic everything. Here are just a few listed by Fundera:

“70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them.

Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.

42% of recipients read or scan the direct mail they receive.”

Then there’s the research on direct mail and handwritten mail done by the United States Postal Service:

“56% of respondents say receiving mail is a “real pleasure.”

55% “look forward” to discovering the mail they receive.

67% feel mail is more personal than the Internet.

77% of Millennials say they pay attention to direct mail ads.”

So, heading back to the question of when you should start handwritten marketing – the simple answer is ASAP!

Why Is Handwritten Marketing so Important?

According to the USPS, “Direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than people who didn’t get the piece of direct mail.”

Handwritten marketing is so important because humans are emotional. You got it – it all comes down to emotion. But what’s interesting is that handwritten marketing can actually turn around a consumer’s attitude toward marketing.

Research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing suggests customer cynicism is rooted in previous experiences. It’s not because marketers are in their face, it’s because of something they remember. So, using handwritten marketing in a time when everything is digital sparks a new interest. It’s not what the consumer is used to and they have no previous experience, so there’s nothing to be cynical about.

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research also makes a great point. The research says, “Marketing communication influences, shapes and changes consumer behaviour. And vice versa, changing consumer behaviour makes companies modify their marketing communication by implementing new forms and tools to gain the trust of customers and to influence purchase.” 

To break it down even further, handwritten marketing works because handwritten letters are personal and they connect with customers on an intimate level. They build relationships and rapport that turn to trust which leads to more sales. Things like handwritten notes for marketing spark bonds that grow into friendships and that’s what leads to word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing.

A few more reasons why you need to be using handwritten marketing include:

  • Break through to cold prospects.
  • Follow up after meetings.
  • Motivate prospects to sign contracts.
  • Welcome new customers.
  • Reward high-value customers.
  • Reactivate dormant customers.
  • Celebrate milestones.
  • Give thanks for referrals.
  • Say thanks for a donation.
  • Commend, console & thank employees.
  • Ease the aftermath of a tough meeting.
  • Drive upsells and cross-sells.
  • Share promo codes.
  • Recover abandoned carts.
  • Invite to events and webinars.

Handwritten marketing is a lost art that’s making a comeback. Handwritten marketing offers something digital can never replicate: closeness and personalization. Whether it be handwritten notes for marketing, handwritten invitations to events or handwritten thank-you cards after meetings – this type of marketing always leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

When handwritten marketing is used correctly, it can be more personal and effective than any other type of marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Start handwritten marketing today!

Handwritten Marketing FAQs

Why are handwritten notes better?

Handwritten marketing notes are an effective and powerful way to connect with your customers. Unlike emails, handwritten notes provide a much more personal touch that can help build rapport, trust, and credibility with potential buyers.

From a marketing perspective, handwriting creates a sense of intimacy between the customer and company by allowing marketers to convey feelings like gratitude or admiration in their own unique writing style. Furthermore, handwritten notes stand out from the plethora of digital advertisements that surround us daily. This makes them far more likely to be noticed by customers and even gives them the feeling of being part of something special.

Handwritten marketing notes also have higher open rates than emails due to their rarity in this digital age, which leads to better engagement for marketers who utilize this form of communication as part of their overall strategy. Additionally, when people receive handwritten thank you or appreciation letters from companies they’re interested in working with, it is seen as genuine care since these letters often come across as thoughtful gestures, thus furthering loyalty between customer and company!

In short, handwritten marketing notes are a potent tool for building solid relationships with prospective customers while increasing consumer engagement – two must-haves for any successful marketer!

What is the power of a handwritten letter?

Handwritten letters can be some of a marketer’s most powerful marketing tools. There’s something special about receiving a personal letter in the mail—the time and energy spent preparing it creates an emotional connection that automated emails or digital ads can’t touch.

By putting pen to paper, you are telling your customers that their business is important to you and should be valued. Handwritten letters hold higher attention rates than emails, making them extremely effective for reinforcing brand loyalty among current customers and winning over new ones.

In fact, one study found that up to 92% of consumers appreciate when they receive promotional materials in the mail! And likewise, by crafting personal messages tailored specifically to each customer’s needs and interests, you can ensure your message won’t go unnoticed or ignored.

For example, if you know a customer has recently celebrated a birthday or purchased from your company, craft a letter expressing how much you appreciate them being part of your brand family. This will demonstrate gratitude which increases feelings of loyalty and trust with potential buyers who prefer handwritten correspondence over digital campaigns.

Overall, handwritten letters have the power to help create deep connections between marketers and their target audiences while also increasing ROI when done correctly!

How effective are handwritten notes?

Handwritten notes have multiple benefits and can be incredibly effective in marketing. According to a survey by the National Pen Company, 83% of consumers believe that receiving a handwritten note makes them feel more valued. This is because, in our digital world, it has become increasingly rare to receive something that feels personal and special.

In other words, a handwritten note stands out among the many emails or digitally generated messages we are used to seeing.

When used thoughtfully and creatively in marketing campaigns, handwritten notes serve as powerful reminders of your brand’s presence and values. They create an emotional connection with consumers who may return for more due to their positive feelings toward your company.

Other advantages include stronger customer loyalty and higher retention rates for customers who received mail from you than those who didn’t receive mail or received only automated emails (Source: NRF Foundation).

In addition, according to Marketo and Demand Metric research, 84% of businesses noted increased engagement when handwritten materials were included with direct mail pieces. Moreover, 69% stated they had higher response rates when they included some form of handwriting on these materials vs. no handwriting at all (Source: MarketingProfs).

To sum up, using handwritten notes in your marketing efforts is proven to be highly effective at engaging customers through creating emotional connections that stand out amid many digital messages being sent today – resulting in customer loyalty, higher customer retention rates, and increased engagement with direct mail pieces!

Do people appreciate handwritten letters?

Absolutely! Handwritten letters are a powerful marketing tool that can generate more engagement with your audience. Studies have shown that compared to emails, handwritten letters evoke significantly higher levels of trust and lead to greater customer loyalty.

In fact, research conducted by Millward Brown found that when it comes to marketing messages, 87% of people feel an emotional connection when receiving a letter written in someone’s own handwriting.

Also, based on the survey responses they gathered, 80% of respondents said they felt a deeper connection and admiration for companies that had sent them a handwritten letter over any other form of communication.

What makes this type of direct mail so effective is its ability to create personal connections with customers – which is essential for building long-term brand loyalty. It shows you care enough about your customers to take the time out and write something special just for them – something digital forms of communication cannot provide in the same way.

Furthermore, studies suggest handwritten letters stand out in people’s minds far longer than emails or digital messages – making them ideal for follow-up campaigns or further nurturing contact points with prospects and customers alike.

Do handwritten notes work for marketing?

Compared to email marketing average open rate of 22.7%, handwritten letters enjoy a 90% open rate. You can safely assume that the letter’s recipient will open a handwritten letter that’s been delivered to them.

Why do handwritten notes matter now more than ever?

The handwritten also note gives customers the personalized experience they expect. Modern business has trained the customer to expect a tailored experience in the online world, but has largely neglected the offline world. Handwritten notes can fill this gap and can be an invaluable tool for your business.

What are the advantages of handwritten letters over email?

One of the real benefits of a handwritten letter is the personal touch it conveys, which comes from the effort to handwrite or type the message. That message on paper says to the recipient, “You are important to me” in a way that an email does not.