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Dry cleaning is one of those businesses where people tend to find a provider and stick with them for years. Clients are naturally drawn into a relationship with the service provider because they’re part of all the big things happening in their life. 

Senior proms, weddings, elegant dinners, award ceremonies, and many other personal events involve a dry cleaning service, so they get an intimate look at how the client lives. Relationships are also often based on convenience – the location is closest to home or work.

That said, handwritten notes for dry cleaning businesses have changed the game. As a competitor of a customer’s current service, you can create a relationship out of thin air with the correct personalized message sequence. 

Why Send Handwritten Notes to Prospects and Clients?


Before we jump into dry cleaning marketing focusing on handwritten notes, let’s talk a little about why you should be sending handwritten notes. Some reasons are likely obvious, but others will surely surprise and delight you (and your clients).

1. No one else is sending handwritten notes.

You can bet your paycheck your local competition isn’t sending handwritten notes for marketing or nurturing. They either have no idea it exists, have no clue how to make it work, or have no interest in making it work because they think direct mail marketing is dead.

2. Research shows handwriting matters.

“Handwritten messages are more effective than print messages in building relationships in a service context because they elicit stronger feelings of warmth because of both the perception of greater effort and feelings of greater psychological closeness to the service provider,” says the Journal of Services Marketing.

3. People want to receive more personal messages.

According to a United States Postal Service report, 80% of participants claimed they anticipated checking snail mail with excitement. They genuinely wanted to see what was in their mailbox, according to Businesswire.

Time-Tested Marketing Strategies for Dry Cleaners


In addition to and in conjunction with handwritten notes for dry cleaner marketing, your business needs to adopt good overall marketing tactics that include a website, email, content, and social media. Each should be optimized individually and work together for the best well-rounded plan. 

1. A Website Designed With the User in Mind

When your audience receives your handwritten note, they’ll take the chance to research your business. Your website is one of the first places they’ll go – are you ready for them?

Often, businesses develop and design the website to look amazing on desktop or mobile, but a brilliant-looking website will only get you so far if it’s not user-friendly. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when reviewing your website design.

  1. Does every link lead to the correct page (destination)?
  2. Is contact information available on EVERY page?
  3. Are calls-to-action (CTAs) clear and engaging?
  4. Is page speed optimized for faster load times?
  5. Are there any broken images or missing pages?

These are a few of the many questions to ask yourself when designing a website with UX (user experience) in mind. They’re also the issues we see most often.

2. An Email Campaign That Shares More and Sells Less

At first glance, this marketing tactic may be a given, but it’s not always as easy as it looks. Two issues we’ve found with business email campaigns are the 80/20 rule and overselling, which work hand-in-hand.

The 80/20 rule says business content should share 80% of the time and sell the remaining 20%. The trouble lies in the fact that businesses often have difficulty understanding how to communicate without selling, leading to the second issue – overselling. 

So, how do we fix it? Instead of looking at the 80% sharing and 20% selling, think of it as 80% passive selling and 20% active selling. 

In your passive emails, offer extremely valuable information via quotes, videos, or blog posts, and link each back to your landing page, if applicable. Also, include a contact call-to-action in your signature, complete with links to traditional and online platforms. Though you’re not shouting, “BUY NOW!” you’re showing the reader exactly what to do to enter the sales funnel. 

3. A Content Strategy to Build Brand Loyalty

Articles and blog posts aren’t the only content you work with in dry cleaning marketing. Email, social media posts, graphics, and landing pages play a role in your marketing strategy. When the aim is to build brand loyalty:

  1. Use blog and article content to share your expertise. 
  2. Include your brand persona in all communications and across all platforms.
  3. Respond to questions and comments promptly.
  4. Admit your mistakes and offer a sincere apology.
  5. Only sell 20% of the time – see above.

Brand loyalty will increase naturally when you share your brand persona consistently alongside relevant, consumer-focused written content and graphics.

4. A Social Media Presence That’s Active and Engaged

Playing off #3 above, your social media presence is a direct extension of your brand. You want to engage with your audience regularly to show them you care about their experience. Answer questions, listen to complaints, and show your support. Like follower comments and join in the conversation as a friend who’s genuinely interested in the discussion, not a seller.

Many dry-cleaning marketing tools help you maintain a steady flow of content to social platforms. Buffer and Hootsuite are two we’ve worked with that make the process simple and offer decent analytics to measure results. We aren’t affiliated with either company.

5. A Direct Mail Plan Proven to Increase Open Rates

Finally, we have the topic of this blog post – handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are classified as direct mail marketing. Marketing experts have been talking about digital burnout for a few years now. People are becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant bombardment of emails and ads. Digital marketing is loud, so customers are looking for a calmer alternative that gets their attention with personalization. 

Handwritten notes for dry cleaning fits the bill perfectly, and we’re going to expand on writing notes shortly, but first, why are handwritten notes remarkable?

What Makes Handwritten Notes Remarkable?


Handwritten notes are likely one of the oldest forms of marketing. For many years, handwritten options were all marketers had to work with, so they did what they could to make the most of their limited opportunities. 

Things died out for a while when digital and online marketing took hold, but people soon felt overwhelmed with all the media being thrown their way, so effectiveness dropped. That’s when handwritten notes came back into style with higher open, read, and keep rates than any other marketing tactic. According to Fundera:

Higher Open Rate

“Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.”

Higher Read Rate

“42% of recipients read or scan direct mail they receive.”

Higher Response Rate

“Direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel.” Other statistical sources claim the rate is actually up to 30x higher.

Higher Keep Rate

Direct mail advertising is kept up to 17 days before being thrown out. We’ve found many people display handwritten notes during this time, promoting word-of-mouth marketing.

Handwritten notes are unique because people want to open, read, respond to, and keep the message they receive. Compare that to email, which has up to a 20% open rate and around a 3% click-through (response) rate. As for the keep rate, the average consumer spends 10 seconds reading a branded email before deleting it.

DNA of the Most Effective Notes for Dry Cleaning Services


How are the most effective handwritten notes for dry cleaning marketing crafted? Where do you start, and how do you end? These are just a couple of questions we’ve been asked, so let’s break writing marketing notes down step-by-step.

1. Begin With a Personal Introduction

Open your handwritten note with a professional yet friendly greeting. You want the reader to feel as though you wrote only one note, and that note was addressed to them. Try beginning with:

  • Hi Sara
  • Hello Bill
  • Hey Jon
  • Dear Theresa


Then, continue the greeting by introducing who you are, where you’re affiliated, and why you’ve sent a handwritten note for dry cleaning marketing. Finally, move on to the body of your message.

2. Move into the Consumer-Focused Body

The body of the note is where you’ll express the value proposition. The value proposition is a clear, concise statement of why the consumer should choose your dry cleaning business over the competition. 

Keep this part of your message to around 150-200 characters, up to 50 words. Compelling value propositions may include a benefit to the consumer or a feature that sets your business apart.

3. Add a Conversational CTA

From the value proposition, move into the call-to-action (CTA). In one to two short sentences, tell the reader what to do next in a way that convinces them they’re deciding to do so. The three questions every CTA should answer are:

  1. What are you offering?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. How do I get it? 

4. Close With Respect and Thanks

You’ve made it to the end of your handwritten marketing note, so it’s time to close things out with excitement or thanks. Here are a few options to give you an idea of what that might look like.

  • Thank you for your time and patience!
  • I look forward to working with you soon!
  • Thanks for one helluva meeting!
  • I hope you have a truly fantastic day!

If your brand persona is more professional or muted, you could use:

  • Take care,
  • Talk soon,
  • Thank you,
  • Sincerely,

Your closing is one last chance to make a good enough impression to convince the reader to act.

5. Offer Several Means of Contact in Closing

Once your message is complete, a little extra effort can go a long way. Add traditional contact information, social handles, text numbers, or email. A good old-fashioned call may work fine for one recipient, but another may prefer to text or connect on social media.

6. Apply a QR Code and Share Valuable Information

Some handwritten note services, like Audience, offer to attach a QR code to the handwritten message. QR codes allow you to share valuable information without taking up much space. We’ve seen QR codes send readers to contact forms, landing pages, blog content, social media platforms, and much more.

7. Write the Envelope by Hand For the Highest Open Rate

Finally, the envelope is the first touch point. If the envelope is not addressed by hand, the chances of it being opened decrease drastically. Think of the envelope as a first impression holding the key to the message inside. Handwritten envelopes also look more personal, supporting the idea that the sender is a real person with a connection to the recipient.

6 Templates: Writing Handwritten Notes for Dry Cleaning


Even when you know handwritten marketing works, that doesn’t make it any easier to create a personalized message that resonates with your audience. Here are 6 FREE handwritten note templates dry cleaners can use for regular customer contact.

1. Welcoming a New Client

Hi [],

I’m [sender] from [company] writing to welcome you to the family! Thank you for choosing us for all your dry cleaning needs. People like you have helped us grow from a small family-owned business into a thriving national company. 

Please feel free to take advantage of our free dry cleaning pickup and delivery service and get your clothes back the same day. 

Scan the QR code below when you’re ready to schedule a pickup. 

Have a wonderful day!


2. Thanking a Current Client

Hi [],

I’m [sender], the CEO of [company]. I recently noticed you’ve been working with us for over [#] years – that’s impressive! We’re thrilled you’ve allowed us to provide you with the best dry cleaning services available. 

I’m writing to thank you for being a long-time supporter and member of the [company] family. To celebrate you, we’re sharing a 50% off coupon. Simply scan the QR code and screenshot the coupon. 

Thanks again for choosing us!


3. Reminding a Client of Pickup

Dear [],

It’s [sender] at [company]. I wanted to touch base to remind you to pick up your dry cleaning order at the [street] location. We’re open seven days a week from [time] to [time]. 

If you cannot stop by, scan the QR code below to schedule a free delivery. Our delivery service is available during regular business hours [day] to [day]. 

Thank you for using [company] for all your dry cleaning needs!

Take care,


4. Sharing Sales, Specials, and Promotions

Hey [],

It’s [company]’s Customer Appreciation Week, and we’re celebrating you! Not only are you a dedicated [company] supporter, but you’ve been with us for more than [#] years. It’s long-term patrons like you that keep our doors open day after day. 

In celebration of our long-standing relationship, we’re offering you two free garments on any order, and yes, that includes premium services like formal dresses and suits.

Scan that QR code below to take a screenshot of your personal coupon!

See you soon,


5. Engaging With Leads and Prospects

Hi [],

I’m [sender] the owner of [company] on [street] in [city]. We’ve been in the dry cleaning business locally for [#] years and offer the lowest prices.

If you need dry cleaning services, we offer your first garment free, 24-hour service, and free pickup and delivery. We’re open seven days a week from [time] to [time]. 

Scan the QR code to visit our website and schedule your first pickup.

Seen you soon,


6. Asking for Referrals and Feedback

Dear [],

You’ve been a supporter of [company] for [#] years now, and we can’t express in words how important that is to us. We strive daily to provide the best service and support to our customers, and we’ll continue to do so. 

I’m [sender] the CEO of [company], and I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review for us on []. All you have to do is scan the QR code below, give us a rating, and leave a little feedback. 

Thank you in advance!


6 Nurturing Handwritten Notes Samples for Dry Cleaners


The difference between typical and nurturing handwritten notes lies in the message. Traditionally, notes for dry cleaner marketing are sent to attract new business; however, now, they are sent to keep current customers happy and to maintain existing business relationships. 

That’s where a nurturing sequence comes in. A nurturing sequence is a series of handwritten notes sent to clients to build loyalty and trust, ultimately resulting in increased business without the need for sales language. We’re talking about pure information for the sake of sharing something valuable with your clients. 

Nurturing handwritten notes can also be used to prospect new leads, and when done right, they’re kept and displayed, promoting word-of-mouth marketing. 

What are some things you can send to nurture your dry cleaning customers?

  • Introduce Yourself as the Sender
  • Communicate Business Information
  • Talk About Exciting Events Nearby
  • Share Insider Facts No One Else Knows
  • Explain the Dry Cleaning Process
  • Bust Common Myths About Dry Cleaning

Here are six handwritten note samples that nurture your clients instead of selling to them.

1. Introduce Yourself as the Sender

Dear Sara,

I’m Jon Lovett, the CEO of Fast Track Dry Cleaning. I’ve made it my mission to share my many years of insider knowledge of garment care with more people, and your name came to mind.

Each month I’ll share a new fun fact, insider secret, garment care guide, community event schedule, and more, but I’ll never try to sell you anything. 

I wanted to introduce myself and let you know I’ll contact you with the information I know you’ll appreciate.

Take care,

Jon Lovett

2. Communicate Business Information

Hi Sara,

Fast Track Dry Cleaning’s expanding! We’ve purchased the space next door to add to the shop. Construction will take place from Monday at 5 am until Sunday at 7 pm. We won’t be able to take any new dry cleaning orders during this time, but we’ll be open for pickups during regular business hours.

Scan the QR code below to access the Fast Track Construction page for more information. We’ve shared answers to customer questions we’ve received thus far.

Be back soon,

Jon Lovett

3. Talk About Exciting Events Nearby

Hey Sara,

We’re thrilled to announce a community event that has our hearts beating just a little faster. On Friday, October 13th, this year’s Halloween movie marathon opens at Rocky Ridge. 

Tickets cost a one-time fee of $10 per person for access to every show. We’ll be set up at the entrance of each show handing out free tickets, popcorn, cotton candy, water, and more. The final showing is October 31st with a 70s cult classic.

Hope to see you there!

Jon Lovett

4. Share Insider Facts No One Else Knows

Dear Sara,

It’s Jon again from Fast Track Dry Cleaning with an insider fact you may not know. 

Dry cleaners don’t always dry clean garments and linens unless they’re supposed to be dry cleaned. Some shops send out these items to be washed, dried and pressed, and others complete this service in-house. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new today! 

Take it easy!

Jon Lovett

5. Explain the Dry Cleaning Process

Hey Sara,

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share everything I know about dry cleaning, especially how it happens in the first place. There’s no way to fit an explanation into this note, but I’ve created a detailed graphic for a fun way to see how things get done in dry cleaning. 

Scan the QR code below to see the graphic. The details are best viewed on a tablet or laptop. 

Until next time!

Jon Lovett

6. Bust Common Myths About Dry Cleaning

Hello Sara,

It’s Jon from Fast Track. I hope everything’s going well with you. Today I’m hitting you with a myth buster. The myth is:

Dry cleaners don’t clean with liquid.

That’s FALSE. No water is used in dry cleaning, thus the term “dry,” however, liquids are used for stain removal and overall cleaning. The old go-to liquid was a product called Perc, but today dry cleaners like us use eco-friendly solutions to protect the environment.

That’s all for now – take care!

Jon Lovett

Why Add Handwritten Notes to Dry Cleaning Marketing?


Handwritten notes provide something no digital marketing tactic can – tangibility. You can touch and feel the note in your hands and smear the ink with your finger. Handwriting encourages a personal connection between business and customer, far exceeding traditional marketing methods. Why add handwritten notes to dry cleaner marketing? Because it works!