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Digital communication has made handwritten notes a lost art. The feeling of receiving a handwritten note in the mail is remarkable, particularly when it comes from a company you have been doing business with.

We wanted to share some of the incredible handwritten notes we’ve used for marketing our pest control marketing clients. These notes have helped us nurture prospects, build relationships, and close sales from thank-yous to follow-ups. 

We’ve included templates to quickly create handwritten notes for pest control marketing. So, let’s get started!

Why is Pest Control Marketing Required for Success?

Pest control marketing is essential for success in the industry, and handwritten note templates are an invaluable asset. 

Handwritten notes offer personalization that can’t always be achieved with digital media, ensuring your prospects and customers receive unique, custom messages that show you understand their needs and challenges

By leveraging handwritten note templates for pest control marketing, you’ll have access to well-crafted messages that resonate with your audience as they progress through your sales process, leading to more successful prospects and stronger customer relationships. 

In short, handwritten notes and handwritten note templates play an essential role in pest control marketing – allowing businesses to craft customized messages that set them apart from their competitors.

3 Common Pest Control Marketing Techniques

Pest control businesses use handwritten note templates to engage effectively with customers and prospects. Beyond handwritten notes, pest control marketing leverages digital and physical advertising, such as email campaigns and billboards. Cold-calling clients to build rapport is another common practice for introducing their services. 

Lastly, offering free pest control consultations or special discounts are key strategies that help build trust, create relationships, and generate more leads for the business. 

Together, these three pest control marketing methods have proven successful in prospecting, nurturing, and selling services.

Why Do Handwritten Notes Accelerate Business Growth?

Handwritten notes are a reliable and often overlooked asset to any successful pest control marketing campaign. They can make all the difference in increasing sales and obtaining new business prospects. Handwritten notes for pest control marketing add an extra touch of individuality and make your prospects feel respected. 

By utilizing handwritten note templates, you take out much of the effort on your end but still maintain that unique, human aspect that matters so much to connection building. 

Underestimate handwritten notes at your financial peril; these unique tokens can become powerful accelerators of business growth when deployed as part of your well-thought-out pest control marketing mix.

4 Handwritten Note Templates to Build Your Pest Control Business

Using handwritten notes to build your pest control marketing can be a powerful and creative way to market your services. A personalized letter is more likely to impact the recipient than an email or text message, making it a great way to stand out from competitors. Here are four handwritten note templates that can help you grow your business.

1. Prospecting – New Service


Hey [first name],


I hope you’re doing well. 


I’m happy to inform you we added a NEW coupon for [service] to our special offers page. This coupon can save up to $[number] on your next [service].


But there’s a catch!


This offer is only for the first [number] booked appointments, so you must act now!


Scan the QR code to access the special offers page of our website. 


We appreciate and value your business. 


Have a great day!





Pro Tip: To grow your business, you must be patient regarding handwritten notes. Invest in this approach for a few years and stay persistent by contacting prospects multiple times. Consistency in your marketing activities is key to achieving desired outcomes.


2. Reengaging Cold Customers


Hi [first name],


It’s [sender] from [company name]! Do you still recognize us?


Jokes aside, we wanted to touch base and ensure you’ve had a chance to check out our awesome new [number]% off offer since you’ve been away. Our pest control customers have really been scheduling service left and right, and we didn’t want you to miss out.


If you have any questions about the new launch or have feedback for us in the meantime, feel free to let us know.







Pro Tip: Access to reliable lead intelligence tools can be incredibly helpful when fostering meaningful connections with potential customers or partners. Cross-checking multiple databases ensures our contact information is accurate and can help establish trust between us and our contacts.


3. Current Client Referrals


Hi [first name],


As I hope you [were, have been] satisfied with your [service], we’d love to extend the value you obtained to your friends, family, and colleagues.


We’re looking to grow our pest control business by receiving word-of-mouth recommendations from our [customers, clients] for [brief description of ideal customer, client].


If anyone you know would be interested in our [service], please have them contact me by scanning the QR code below.


We’re also offering [incentive] for every referred pest control [customer, client] brought in.


Thank you,





Pro Tip: Incorporate a unique graphic of a recognizable location near the lead’s address for a personal touch. This visual representation creates an emotional connection between yourself and your contacts. Avoid adding logos or photos on the front of the note; encourage people to display the handmade note without a brand, as this will be more likely to generate word-of-mouth publicity.


4. Attracting Leads and Building Relationships


Hi [first name],


Hope you’re having an amazing day! If you’re in the market for a new pest control service, we’d love to help!


Our team of experts is trained to help you create the perfect pest-prevention plan for your home or office.


We offer a wide range of services, and our team is always available to help you find the best solution for your needs.


Give us a call today at [phone] to schedule a free consultation! We look forward to helping you stay cool (and warm) all year long.





Pro Tip: Make sure to add a little something extra – a creative twist or a bit of flair – to show your human side and encourage bonding. And don’t forget to share random moments and experiences, like offering flower seeds in spring!


Pest control marketing is essential for success in the industry. There are a variety of common marketing techniques to reach potential customers, but handwritten notes have proved to be especially effective in building relationships and driving business growth

Handwritten note templates provide a simple and efficient way to create personalized notes that will help nurture your prospects and turn them into loyal customers.