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If you want to increase your law firm’s marketing ROI, start by taking some handwritten notes. Prospects become leads, leads turn into clients, and lifelong business can result from a simple thank you card or personalized holiday wish. In this post, we’ll share five creative examples of handwritten notes that you can use for your law firm marketing. Plus, we’ve included templates so you can get started right away!

Why are Handwritten Notes Killer for Law Firm Marketing?

Handwritten notes have become a powerful component of law firm marketing because they forge more meaningful connections with prospects and leads. 

A law firm with an effective handwritten note strategy has the potential to drastically increase its ROI as these notes create better relationships between businesses and their customers, ultimately turning prospects into clients and even lifelong customers who can turn into a reliable recurring business. 

This connection creates an advantage for law firms looking to set themselves apart from the competition and demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent customer service. Ultimately, law firms may find success by wisely incorporating handwritten notes into their marketing strategies.

Here are five handwritten note templates for law firms that kill it every time!

1. Thank You for Filling Out Our Contact Form

It’s fundamental for a law firm to engage clients, show appreciation, and build trust from the start. By expressing gratitude to prospective clients for filling out contact forms and taking that extra step in connecting with the firm, attorneys demonstrate their commitment to being professional and providing a high-quality service. 

A simple “thank you” can improve ROI by propelling prospects into leads, leads into clients, and establishing long-term business relationships with them. A workflow system like handwritten notes will help law firms personalize such thank you messages even further—making the client feel more valued and eager to pursue the legal service.


Dear [first name],

Thank you for filling out the contact form on our website. We appreciate you getting in touch. 

You inquired about hiring a lawyer for your divorce. We offer divorce services and have room to take you on as a client. Would you be available to meet with [lawyer name], our divorce lawyer, on [day, date, time]? 

If so, scan the QR code attached to verify the appointment or choose a different date and time to meet. We look forward to helping with your divorce.




Pro Tip: For a personalized approach to communication, consider partnering with a handwritten notes company specializing in sticky notes. Add a short note to each card with your contact information, such as “P.S. Please call me at 304-535-4420” or “Call me at 304-535-4420 when you receive this.” This will help increase the response rate while conveying a feeling of authenticity.


2. Congratulations on Winning Your Lawsuit

Winning a lawsuit can be an overwhelming experience, regardless of the situation. Attorneys who take the time to congratulate their clients on the successful outcome show they care and understand what the moment means. 

Expressing such positivity with hand-written notes is an effective way to help lawyers foster relationships with clients and turn them into lifelong business. This strategy creates meaningful connections and shows appreciation that resonates over digital messaging, which has been proven to increase ROI for law firms.


Hey [first name]!

Thank you so much for being such a helpful, engaged client. We received the final word on your lawsuit, and they’ve accepted your offer as is. It will likely take two to three weeks to finalize all the paperwork, so you can expect to receive a check sometime after that.

If you would, please scan the QR code to verify your contact information. While you’re there, sign up for our weekly newsletter that shares tons of helpful legal advice. 

We’re thrilled everything ended well!

Take care, 



Pro Tip: Response rate is typically higher with handwritten notes of 650-750 characters, as this allows for a compelling story that resonates with the receiver. The longer the note, the greater the likelihood of reciprocity.


3. I’m Sorry You Lost the Case

A law firm has several different marketing strategies they employ, and one that is often underrated is the simple yet powerful tactic of handwritten notes. After clients have lost a case, these notes could turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for long-term customer loyalty. 

A law firm often sends out sympathy cards or other messages after a case is closed, but it is only a cursory effort; however, if words are handwritten showing genuine empathy for the result, this effort can make a world of difference. 

Through expressions of compassion and support not just for their client’s success but for their process, law firms can build relationships with clients that will lead to repeat business and referrals far into the future.


Hello [first name],

Thank you for your patience while we waited for the court’s ruling on your dog custody case. We’re sorry to say the court sided with your ex-wife, so she’ll retain ownership of the dog. We know this isn’t the outcome you were looking for, but we’re not finished fighting yet. 

Scan the QR code below to set up an appointment to meet with me next week to discuss the appeals process. We need to file the appeal ASAP, making this meeting important. 

I am looking forward to next week!

See you soon,



Pro Tip: To create a personal connection, make an effort to incorporate elements beyond business into your communication. Share stories and experiences, go behind the scenes of your business, reveal a more personal side, or include small tokens like flower seeds for added effect.


4. I Think You’d Love to Attend My Webinar

Law firms should use handwritten notes for prospecting because it is an effective tool to increase their ROI. Handwritten notes can turn prospects into leads and potentially lifelong customers. 

Law firms could also benefit from webinars as additional marketing tools that offer advice on industry trends and best practices. Inviting prospects to attend a webinar through handwritten notes offers a more personalized, warm invitation that may encourage more participation. 

Not only will handwritten notes invite prospects to the webinar, but the tangible message reflects a law firm’s level of care and reassures the reader they are worth investing time and other resources. Ultimately, handwritten notes demonstrating thoughtful care are beneficial in transforming prospects into clients.


Dear [first name],

Thank you for being a member of our [company name] Facebook group. I’m confident I’ve answered quite a few of your questions over the months. Because you’re so interested in estate law, I wanted to invite you to a webinar I’m holding on estate planning. There’s an extensive section on estate law you’ll appreciate.

Use your cell phone camera to scan the attached QR code to learn more about the webinar and to sign up. Because you’re my guest, you’ll attend free of charge with the code provided. 

Let’s get together in the Facebook group after the webinar for some fun back and forth!

Take care,



Pro Tip: Handwritten notes can be effective marketing tools no matter the state of the market. Even amidst economic hardship, those businesses that remain committed to engaging and investing in their marketing efforts reap greater rewards.

Notes provide an opportunity to educate, inform, surprise, delight, impress, and strengthen relationships with your audience.


5. You Have an Upcoming Court Date

Keeping track of court dates is an integral part of lawyer marketing and the success of a law firm. Handwritten notes that include clear, direct reminders can effectively increase ROI by avoiding missed dates, and leaving prospects feeling secure and confident in their lawyer’s ability to keep them informed. 

This ultimately translates into more clients and longer-term relationships. Such a simple act as having an upcoming court date noted in a handwritten note can open doors to new business opportunities for law firms by instilling greater faith in their services and dedication to their client’s well-being.

Hello again [first name]!

Thank you so much for being a part of the largest class action lawsuit our firm has ever worked on. We appreciate all the time and effort you and your fellow class members put into winning this case. 

As a token of our appreciation, [company name] is holding a night out on us. You and a guest are invited for dinner and drinks at the [location] on [day, date, time]. Food is free! Drinks are free!

If you’d like to join us, scan the QR code attached and accept the invitation. You’ll be asked for your guest’s name and date of birth. Guests must be 21 or older to attend.

Can’t wait to see you next [day]!



Pro Tip: Handwritten notes should be an integral part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Reach your buyers on every platform—social media, YouTube, email, connected TV, events, and conferences—and demonstrate that you are a trusted advisor by providing valuable content relevant to their interests. Show them you are at their service.

If you’re a lawyer looking for an edge in your marketing, consider using handwritten notes. They’ll help you stand out from the competition and increase your ROI by turning prospects into leads, leads into clients, and clients into lifelong customers. Thanks for reading!