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In an age where people are inundated with emails, text messages, and social media notifications, a handwritten note can really stand out. That’s why life insurance agents should consider using handwritten notes as part of their marketing strategy. We’ll discuss the benefits of handwritten notes, provide some tips for how to use them effectively and so much more.

What are Handwritten Notes?

what are handwritten notes

Handwritten notes in marketing are a way to connect with potential and current customers in a meaningful way. They can be used to express appreciation, congratulations, or thanks. They also provide an opportunity for agents to establish trust and value with their clients; to build and nurture relationships.

Relationship marketing is a strategy that focuses on developing long-term relationships with customers. It involves building trust and providing value over time. Relationship marketing is often referred to as “one-to-one marketing” and handwritten notes are a great way to implement this strategy.

What’s So Great About Handwritten Notes?

what's so great about handwritten notes

There are a few things that are great about handwritten notes.

First, handwritten notes have higher open and engagement rates than typed or emailed messages. This is because they require more effort to send, and people appreciate the personal touch.

Second, handwritten envelopes are more likely to be opened than those that are plain or have just the recipient’s name on them. This is because people are curious to see what’s inside, especially if you’ve taken care to affix a Forever stamp in place of printed postage.

Third, people need human connection, says Scientific American. We’re all so busy nowadays that we don’t take the time to talk to one another face-to-face. Instead, we communicate through texts, emails, and social media. But there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note in the mail. It shows you cared enough to take time out of your day just for them.

Fourth, handwritten notes are more likely to be saved than typed or emailed messages because they’re tangible and personal. They make people feel special when they receive one from you – it means that much more than an electronic message does.

Fifth, handwritten notes establish trust and value in a relationship. It shows you care about what’s going on with someone else’s life because they’re important to you as well!

How Long Does it Take to Write a Handwritten Note?

how long does it take to write a handwritten note

Let’s say you’re a rather fast writer with excellent penmanship. It would take around 10 minutes to write the note, address the envelope, and add the stamp. That adds up to six notes an hour.

Now, in an eight-hour day, there’s usually a one-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks, so the time left is six hours and 30 minutes. Barring ANY type of interruption and a hand that never cramps, you could write about 36 notes a day.

Of course, we both know this number is unrealistic. You’d also have to separate time to get the supplies ready for the next note. There will be bathroom breaks and you’ll need to drink throughout the day. So, we’ll fall in at 25 notes a day. If you have 300 life insurance leads you want to contact, it’ll take you upwards of two weeks to finish.

Because the writer will be unable to do anything BUT write notes for two weeks, assuming they make $20 an hour, you’d be paying $1600 for 300 notes. There’s a much better way!

The Handwriting Robot & The Perfect Service

the handwriting robot and the perfect service

Handwriting robots hold real pens and write with precise pressure, slant and flow.

They mimic the nuances of the human hand, rendering your personalized message in a font style you choose that fits your brand and personality. 

Your message is written on a thick-stock notecard on-demand with your logo and artwork. Or simply upload or drag-and-drop images or photos of your choice.

Robots even add slight variations to each character. They also leave subtle blemishes and the telltale imprint of a pen pressed down on paper.

A service should print, write, stamp, seal and send via first-class mail all in one business day.

Handwritten Notes Services: What to Look For

handwritten notes services: what to look for

There are tons of handwritten notes services out there, but not all are created equal.  You have to ask yourself, what’s the material look and feel like? Are there creative options like artsy front of card images offered with the notes purchase? Can you track your notes campaign? Take a look at just a few things you should look for before choosing a handwritten notes service provider for your life insurance marketing.

  • High-quality materials
  • Size options
  • Choice of handwriting styles
  • Customization
  • Forever stamp
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Options for scaling
  • No hidden charges
  • Ability to upgrade to premium services
  • Free app
  • Warehouse and add collateral to notes
  • QR code for tracking
  • Personal client account manager
  • Lead list research enriched with emails and LinkedIn profiles

Handwritten Notes in Life Insurance

handwritten notes in life insurance

Done correctly, sending out email campaigns is a cost-effective technique to reach a large number of individuals with compelling messages that encourage them to contact your life insurance company for quotes or buy insurance coverage without the need for intermediaries.

Consider it this way: A well-designed handwritten letter that is delivered to someone’s mailbox gets five times the response rate of conventional direct marketing. It helps you reach out to potential customers who aren’t on your client list.

If just one of those new households completes an application and becomes a customer, you’ve just received how much money back from something that was once considered marketing trash? The only problem? These notes need to be really well thought out.

They should utilize direct mail to start a two-way communication with the client through a pleasant and customized written discussion.

Instead of sending one-sided advertising, insurance agents should take time to send something personal to their clients. The message delivered is generally based on data gathered from other channels and is influenced by the kind of insurance you’re selling.

It can be as detailed or as brief as you like, although it should ideally seem natural since anything else may repel your audience.

You must establish a relationship with your customers and prospects in every type of business. The ideal approach to do this is through direct mail marketing. You can utilize current or new lists of prospects. It all comes down to consistency. If it’s one new customer every few months or seasons, that won’t make much of a difference.

You need to maintain continuous communication with your prospects by providing them information that may persuade them to buy according to the marketing plan (special insurance discounts, research studies, public opinion polls, or simply to send a note of thanks).

Life Insurance Marketing

life insurance policy

Life insurance marketing can be tough. But with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Handwritten notes are a great way to reach out to potential customers and establish a relationship with them. And with our service, you can get high-quality handwritten notes delivered fast and for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

But, what can you do with the notes, exactly?

  • Ask Former Clients For Referrals

There are a number of reasons why businesses would ask former clients for referrals. One is that former clients are more likely to refer their friends or family members because they trust you.

For instance, after an amazing close on a new life insurance policy, wait a week or so then send over a handwritten note to this effect:

Dear John & Jill Smith,

I loved meeting you both last week. My office hasn’t had that much laughter in a long time. I’m thrilled you were so happy with your policy and experience with me.

If you know anyone looking (or who should be looking) for life insurance, feel free to share my contact information or send them my way.

Thanks again,

Life Insurance Agent

  • Get Referrals From Colleagues

You spend countless hours with your colleagues in other types of insurance and business. There’s nothing wrong with sending over a handwritten note to connect more intimately with the colleague and ask for some referrals down the line. You may write:

Hi Joe!

It’s been too long since we talked. I was so glad to meet up with you last night for drinks and catch up on life and business. I was thinking about it after I made it home that your business in [insurance type] insurance would be a fantastic source of referrals. And, of course, I’ll reciprocate and send referrals your way, as well.

I’d love to work something out.

Have a fantastic day!

Life Insurance Agent

  • Remain Top-of-Mind

Being top-of-mind is one of the most important goals for any life insurance agent. It means that your brand or product is the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when they think of a particular topic or category.

There are a number of ways to achieve top-of-mind status, but one of the most effective is through consistent marketing. By sending regular communications, you can make sure that your brand is always at the forefront of people’s minds.

That’s where nurturing your former clients comes in. You could try running a yearly campaign that contacts your former clients on birthdays and major holidays. These notes talk to each client directly, so they know it’s not some mass-printed junk mail.

Here is a possible handwritten note to check in with a current client.

Hello Jim,

It’s been about three months since you signed your life insurance policy. I wanted to check in and make sure everything is going well and that you don’t need any changes made to the policy. I understand our lives change at the speed of light.

If you need anything or if you just have questions about life insurance, feel free to contact me!

Take care,

Life Insurance Agent

Let’s move on to the real power of the handwritten note – relationships. The intimacy of each note means the receiver feels seen, heard and cared for. That’s a massive triple threat for building your life insurance brand.

Relationship Marketing

relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is the idea that a business should build relationships with their customers in order to create more loyalty and trust. This can be done through various forms of communication, such as handwritten notes, emails, or social media.

It’s important for businesses to focus on relationship marketing because it helps create a connection with the customer. This connection can lead to more sales and referrals in the future.

Businesses that focus on relationship marketing also tend to have higher customer retention rates.

What Exactly Can Relationship Marketing Do For Life Insurance Agents?

Leads are potential customers that a business can contact to generate sales. A lead can be generated in a variety of ways, such as through email or social media interaction.

Once a lead is generated, it’s important for the business to contact the customer as soon as possible to create a sale. If the customer isn’t contacted right away, they may forget about the business or go to a competitor.

Businesses use leads to increase their sales and grow their company.

So, what do you say to convince a lead to make an appointment?

Dear Jen,

I’m [first name], a life insurance agent of 25 years with Coastal Insurance. I’ve been working with several people in your area to update their life insurance policies and wanted to touch base to see if I can help you in any way.

I’d love to make an appointment with you to discuss current coverage and to show you the types of plans I have to offer. No obligation of course.

Feel free to contact me anytime at 555-555-5555 by text or talk.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Life Insurance Agent

  • Keep Clients Updated on Upcoming Appointments

A successful life insurance business is juggling a tight schedule of meetings. Just one late check-in or no-show can ruin the flow of the entire day, but it doesn’t have to. Handwritten notes are the perfect way to keep everyone on the schedule up to date about when they need to be in your office.

You can use a simple handwritten notes template like:

Dear Jonathon,

It’s [agent name], your life insurance agent. We have you on the schedule to update your policy on September 2 at 2:30 pm. Please scan the QR code below to verify your appointment. While there you can sign up for a text message reminder the day of.

I look forward to seeing you again. I hope it’s been a fantastic year.


Life Insurance Agent

  • Keep In Touch With Former Clients

Clients should not be pushed under the rug and forgotten once they sign a policy. Immediately after the policy is signed, you need to throw all clients into an automated handwritten notes system that contacts them regularly to stay top-of-mind.

You can choose timed contacts, say once a month, or event-based contacts, say holidays and birthdays. We suggest you do both. They make a great one-two punch.

Consider writing something like this.

Dear Janie,

I can’t believe it’s been six months since you signed your new life insurance policy. When they say time flies, they aren’t joking.

I won’t take much of your time. I wanted to check in and see if there’s anything I can help you with? I’m here and ready to answer any questions you or your friends and family may have about life insurance. The best way to get a hold of me is to call or text 555-555-5555.

Have a good one!

Life Insurance Agent

  • Ask For Reviews For Prior Services

No matter where a business is located, or how long they’ve been in business, customer reviews are a critical part of customer retention and lead generation. The biggest problem is that most customers have no idea where to leave a review, but you can answer that question with a single handwritten note.

This is something that’s often a one-note thing. You have to do a little more research for this handwritten note. You need to include specifics that you may not include in other handwritten notes. For instance:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jamison,

It’s [agent name], your life insurance agent. I was writing to check in on Jace and Judy. How are they liking school this year?

The last time we met you were talking about putting your home on the market. How did that turn out? The market’s hot right now, for sure.

I just wanted to touch base with you to see how things are going. I’ve included my card. I’d love to hear from you.

Take care of yourself,

Life Insurance Agent

P.S. Would you mind scanning that QR code with your phone camera and leaving a review for me? I’d greatly appreciate it!

Last Thoughts on Handwritten Notes for Life Insurance Agents

Handwritten notes are a powerful marketing tool that life insurance agents can use to stay in touch with clients, former clients, and potential clients. By using handwritten notes, you can keep your schedule organized while also maintaining relationships with the people who matter most to your business.