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Handwritten notes are a great way to build relationships, especially if you’re looking for new business or trying to win over a current client (or even just as a friendly gesture). You may have heard the saying: “People buy from people.” It’s true. 

Don’t Forget The Handwritten Touch


Handwritten notes are more personal and memorable than emails or typed letters. They can be customized to the recipient’s interests and hobbies and help you build relationships with customers.

Handwritten notes are a great way to promote your business, especially if you’re trying to stand out from the competition in your industry.

Remind Them You’re Here To Help


This handwritten note is a great way to remind your customers you care about their business and want to help. A message from the owner takes their experience to another level, so it’s a small investment that can yield significant returns.

You can use these templates as-is or customize each with your text.

Make sure to include specific messages of support, appreciation, and help for your customers!

Include Details About The Person & Why You Appreciate Them


Your handwritten note can be short or long, but we’ve found 400-600 characters is sweet. If you’re writing a handwritten note for someone important to you, the letter should be personal and specific to that person.

What makes them special? Describe how they’ve impacted your life and why you value them.


  • What makes this person stand out? 
  • Is there any particular activity they enjoy doing? 
  • Do they have an interest in music or art? 
  • What are their hobbies? 


Write a note mentioning these things, so the reader feels they are being appreciated for their uniqueness.

6 Fall Handwritten Note Templates


We wanted to share new handwritten note templates for fall every business could use no matter the industry. 


1. We’re Thankful #1

Dear [],

We’re reaching out to tell you how thankful we are for your steadfast support of []. This time of year always reminds us how grateful we are for our [customers/clients/patrons]. It’s not because you spend money with us, but that you’ve stood by our side through thick and thin. Thank you for being a part of our family.

One of the things I’m thankful for this season is that I get to work with you!

Take care,



2. We’re Thankful #2

Dear [],

Thankfulness is something we all experience in our lives, and we’re thankful for friends, family, jobs, hobbies, pets, and more. When starting [], we didn’t realize just how grateful we’d be for the [customers/clients/patrons] that choose us year after year.  

That’s why we’re reaching out to you to say THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing us to meet your needs. Thank you for accepting the fact that no business is perfect. Thank you for being a part of the [] family! 

Take care,



3. We Appreciate You #1

Dear [],

I’m [] the [position] at []. I wanted to reach out in person to say how much I appreciate you. You’ve been with us for a while now, and despite the other providers, you’ve consistently chosen us, which means the world! 

We couldn’t run our business and help other people just like you without your support. Thanks for being a part of the [] family!

Take care,



4. We Appreciate You #2

Dear [],

The time of year has arrived when we look back on the past 12 months and see how lucky we are. I’m [] from [] and you’ve been an amazingly supportive [customer/client/patron] for us. 

I’m here to tell you how much we appreciate you. It’s not the money you spend that leaves us thankful; it’s the fact that you’ve consistently chosen us over the competition. We aim to please every [customer/client/patron] every time, and with the support of people like you, we can keep doing that. 

Thank you for everything!



5. We Want to Celebrate You #1

Dear [],

I’m [], and I’m NOT here to sell you anything. You’ve been a [customer/client/patron] of [] for a while now, and that’s something to celebrate. Not only does your support keep our business running, but the fact you’ve chosen us over other providers makes us all the more thankful, and we want to gift something in return. 

Scan the QR code below and choose one of the [$] gift cards, and we’ll send it right out! Thank you for being a part of the [] family!

Take care,



6. We Want to Celebrate You #2

Dear [],

It’s time for a CELEBRATION! Who are we celebrating? YOU!

I’m [] writing you from [] – your [product,service] provider. Now and then, we’re struck by just how supportive our [customers/clients/patrons] are for us. The support you provide isn’t about things you buy; it’s about how much you care. You could have chosen any of the other providers, but you allow us to meet your needs time and again. 

We’ve enclosed a [$] [company] gift card to celebrate you the way you deserve to be celebrated. We appreciate you more than you know!

Take care,


Other Handwritten Note Templates


Using handwritten note templates to celebrate your customers is only a piece of the puzzle. These notes are great for tons of marketing angles. Check out our blog posts with unique templates to see more.



If you’re interested in learning more about handwritten notes in your niche, contact us to suggest a topic.

Why Use Handwritten Notes in Fall Marketing?


Personalized, handwritten mail conveys the message that you’ve thought about what you’re saying. When customers feel appreciated, they trust you more and recommend your products or services to others. Your company’s reputation makes a difference in whether or not they choose you over your competitors. 

Use handwritten notes to celebrate your astonishing customers this fall and show them just how thankful you are for their undying support.