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The customer is always right. That’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before, which we live by at our company. If a client isn’t happy with their purchase, it’s our job to make things right. And sometimes, the best way to do that is with a handwritten note for customer apologies.

A handwritten note shows you’re willing to take the time to sit down and write out your thoughts. It’s a personal touch that can go a long way in making a customer feel valued. Plus, it shows you’re taking responsibility for your mistake and are committed to making things right.

We’ll share four examples of handwritten notes that we love for customer apologies. We hope they inspire you next time you need to say sorry!

Handwritten Customer Apologies: Why Send Them?

Handwritten customer apologies are a powerful way for businesses to earn respect and trust in the eyes of their customers. Showing they genuinely care about their client’s experience can help build loyalty and a lasting relationship. 

Handwritten notes as customer apologies are an easy way to ensure sincerity and demonstrate commitment to achieving a resolution. Moreover, handwritten note templates make personalizing each apology simple and promptly address any issues or concerns; nothing beats an original handwritten note delivered with genuine care.

How Do Customer Apologies Affect the Relationship?

Strong customer relationships are a cornerstone of successful businesses, and taking the time to apologize when something goes wrong can be incredibly important. Handwritten notes for customer apologies are a great way to craft an, “I’m sorry,” as handwritten templates make it much easier to get the message across authentically. 

Customers often appreciate the effort they can see was gone into handwritten notes, and their reaction could benefit both sides of the relationship. Taking this small extra step with handwritten apology notes can help build a trusting relationship between business owners and customers and create a lasting bond of mutual respect — further strengthening future connections.

1. We Want to Make This Right

Dear [Name],

I’m [Your Name], the [Position] at [Your Company], and I’d like to apologize for the poor service you experienced. We understand our actions didn’t meet expectations, and we take full responsibility for any inconvenience caused.

We’re committed to making things right. Here’s an exclusive offer we’d like to extend to you: [Offer Details]. Please scan the QR to redeem this offer. At [Your Company], we strive to improve, and your feedback is instrumental. We assure you necessary steps are being taken to prevent any future occurrences.

Once again, please accept our deepest apologies, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.


[Your Name]


Pro Tip: When working with a company to manage handwritten note campaigns, it is vital to secure category exclusivity for each contact you want to send notes to. This will prevent any of your competition from reaching the same leads.

When Customer Service Fails, Why Should Businesses Apologize?

Many business owners recognize the value of apologizing to a customer whose expectations weren’t met but may not be familiar with how handwritten notes can help make saying sorry easier. Handwritten apology notes provide a personal touch that lets customers understand that the business takes their dissatisfaction seriously. 

With handwritten note templates, apologizing for customer service failures can be managed quickly and effectively – often resulting in complex issues being solved amicably and efficiently.

From quick handwritten apologies for a botched order or hotel stay to developing creative campaigns for public apologies for larger corporations, handwritten notes templated examples offer businesses an easy way to make amends and keep their customers happy.

2. We’re Working to Improve our Customer Service Experience

Dear [Name],

I’m [Your Name], the [Position] at [Your Company], and I want to express my heartfelt apologies for the poor service you encountered. 

We genuinely care about our customers, and your satisfaction is paramount to us. As a token of our commitment to making things right, we would like to offer you [Offer Details]. To take advantage of this opportunity, please scan the QR code.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping identify where we can improve. Please rest assured that we’re immediately addressing the problem and enhancing our service quality. Once again, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts and hope to have the opportunity to regain your trust and serve you better in the future.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]



Pro Tip: Selecting the appropriate stationery for your handwritten notes is essential to maximize success. Our research has shown that a 14pt, 110 lb cardstock with a bright white finish and a smooth texture of 8.5” X 5” when unfolded provides the most successful response rate. Complete the piece with an invitation-quality envelope featuring a linen finish. Its wedding-like feel can increase the chances of your note being opened, read, kept, and displayed.

When Your Product or Service Fails, Should Businesses Apologize?

Maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction requires businesses to apologize when their products or services fail. An effective way of achieving this goal is using templates, such as handwritten customer apologies, to show customers that the company values its business. This gesture conveys sympathy, sincerity, and care, which can help restore trust between the customer and the business. 

Companies must be sincere with their customer apologies and take action to fix any issues that led to disappointment to demonstrate a commitment to improving services. Handwritten apology notes are powerful tools in reassuring customers that their concerns are legitimate and will be taken seriously by the company.

3. We’re Sorry For the Faulty Product

Dear [Name],

We at [Your Company] would like to express our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by the faulty product you received. We take full responsibility for the issue and want to make things right.

As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you a 100% refund for the product and a 50% off coupon for a future order; just scan our QR code. 

We understand our mistake may have caused frustration and disappointment. Please know we’re taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

[Your Name]



Pro Tip: To ensure your handwritten note is kept and displayed, the graphic on the front of the notecard should be transformed into a keepsake. Consider an original drawing, painting, or filtered photo that complements your company or a nearby landmark to the recipient. It is best to avoid logos and photos of yourself as this is not ideal for displaying in one’s home.

What Impact Does a Customer Apology Have on Serious Problems?

Handwritten customer apologies are a powerful tool for addressing serious issues. It can make all the difference in how customers respond to difficult situations and help employees navigate otherwise challenging conversations. 

Handwritten note examples provide specific guidance to help companies communicate their sincerity, rebuild trust, and show that they are taking care of their customers’ needs. Understanding this impact can be crucial for any business hoping to resolve serious problems effectively and efficiently.

4. We Apologize for the Service Outage

Dear [Name],

We’re writing to express our deepest apologies for the recent service outage, which we understand caused you to lose a client. We are truly sorry for any financial loss you may have incurred.

We know our services are critical to your business, and we’re embarrassed we failed to meet our commitments. 

Please know we’re committed to making things right and are happy to offer you a full refund for the period of time our service was unavailable to you. We’re also offering you a free six-month upgrade to our premium service, which you can find more information about by scanning our QR code.

Again, we apologize and hope you will allow us to regain your trust in the future.


[Your Name]



Pro Tip: A unique piece of art may be commissioned on the front of the cards for high-value clients. A simple yet aesthetically beautiful sketch or painting will suffice. You may also include a personal note within your message, such as, “I had this original piece of art created for you. I hope you enjoy it!


We all know that businesses should aim to keep their customers happy. But what happens when something goes wrong, and the customer is left displeased? In these instances, businesses must apologize to maintain a good relationship with the customer. 

Apologizing shows you care about your customer and their experience, which can help to build trust between the business and the client. Additionally, apologizing can help diffuse a tense situation and prevent further issues. 

While it may not always be easy, making an effort to send handwritten customer apologies when things go wrong can positively impact both the business and the customer relationship.