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Today we’re posting a simple guide to nurturing leads and clients by sharing information and avoiding the sale. 

We’re in the slower months of the real estate market, which means fewer houses are listed, and closings take longer. When inventory dwindles, don’t sell harder; share more.

What is a Nurturing Sequence?


In handwritten marketing, a nurturing sequence is a series of five to ten handwritten notes to share valuable content with your target audience, including leads, current clients, and past clients. 

What Types of Content Should Real Estate Agents Share?


Sharing valuable content with your sphere of influence helps you attract new leads and build stronger relationships with current clients. 

What are the best types of content to share? Here are nine to consider:


  • Market Reports
  • Area Comps
  • Community Events
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Birthday Wishes
  • New Developments
  • Home Improvement Tips
  • Curb Appeal Tips
  • Current Real Estate Trends


It’s important to remember that you’re sharing valuable content, and that means content they’d be willing to pay for, but they get it from you for free. That’s why most types of shareable content are time-sensitive.

For best results, don’t make the mistake of trying to sell to the recipient. Nurturing is 100% about the customer and 0% about the sale.

5-Note Nurture Sequence for Real Estate Agents


Now it’s time to craft your handwritten notes message. This is your time to shine as an expert agent with your finger on the pulse of the real estate market. 

Remember, don’t sell… share!


#1 Introduction

Dear Sally & Paul,

I’m Joe Smith, a senior real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. I’m a local from right here in Jefferson County – West Virginia, born and raised! I’m not writing in an attempt to sell something. I’m writing to share content with you that I’m sure you’ll find valuable.

In the upcoming months, I’ll share market reports, tips for home improvement, current real estate trends, and more. Each note has a QR code that leads you to the full content.

I’m thrilled to share my knowledge with you!

Joe Smith
Senior Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker


#2 Market Report

Hi Sara & Paul,

Hopefully, you received my first note, but in case you didn’t, I’m Joe Smith, a senior real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve gained in my 25 years in real estate with homeowners like you.

Today I’m sharing a market report of real estate transactions in your zip code. You’ll find home details, including square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and sales price. I’ve highlighted the homes in your community if you’re curious how much your neighbors’ homes sold for.

You can read the full report by scanning the QR code below. See you next time!

Joe Smith
Senior Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker


#3 Personal Story

Hey Sara & Paul,

I hope you enjoyed the market report I sent along. Owning a home is like a business, so it’s important to know your property’s worth at any given time. Today’s note was sparked by the family’s bearded dragon Igor. 

When Igor arrived, my son started a hydroponic (water) garden to grow microgreens for him. It grew faster and healthier than any plant I’ve ever seen in soil. With my interest piqued, I researched home hydroponics and found some fantastic tips. 

Scan the QR code below to access research and pictures of my family’s setup. I thought you might be as amazed as I am.

Take care,

Joe Smith
Senior Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker


#4 Home Improvement Tips

Dear Sara & Paul,

Do I have some home improvement tips for you?! You bet I do, and I’m confident you’ll find at least one to start this weekend. Before I go any further, if you kept my last note, you can scan the QR code for an updated look at our hydroponic garden. 

Today I’m sharing a personal project I’ve been working on for months. Based on sales data from around the United States, I’ve narrowed down the top 25 amenities included with homes sold. The list contains pergolas, stone patios, outdoor showers, and more.

Scan the QR code to find a project you love!

Joe Smith
Senior Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker


#5 Current Real Estate Trends

Dear Sara & Paul,

I’m super excited about today’s note because I’m sharing current real estate trends with you as observed by myself and colleagues. 

I’ve gathered the top 10 housing trends, most of which I never expected to see. The first trend on the list is painting exterior brick homes white. I’ve sold several white brick homes this year and just passed two being painted last week. Done right; the results are amazing.

Scan the QR code for details on painting exterior brick and nine more current trends in real estate.

Take care,

Joe Smith
Senior Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker

Coming Next in Our Handwritten Nurture Series


We hope you enjoyed the real estate agent’s handwritten nurture series. Next we’ll tackle mortgage broker handwritten notes for nurturing, not selling.